Camo Pill—Tumor, Stasis, Breast Cancer, Enlarged Liver or Spleen


Camo Pills is a traditional formula for women with blood stasis such as fibroid or tumor in the chest or breast or abdomen. However it is also good for males or females whose liver & spleen are weak in function or blood circulation.

Function & Indications:
Activate the blood, remove blood stasis, disintegrate mass chiefly in the abdomen or uterus caused by blood stasis. Restore normal menstruation in cases of pathological anemia. Used for fibroid, anemia, suppressed menstruation, mass in the abdomen with fixed shape and localized pain, hepato-splenomegaly (enlarged liver and spleen), cirrhosis, tumor.

Administration and dosage:

Given after purchase.
Precaution: Don’t use if pregnant.

3.0gx10 pills/box.
Storage: Keep in cool, dark & dry place