Greenlife Honeysuckle Syrup. Refreshing drink to prevent toxic heat


GREENLIFE Honeysuckle Syrup Drink

Distillate from honeysuckle flower, Honeysuckle Syrupis a very traditional drink to prevent and cure prickly heat (miliaria), pyretic toxicity, Furunculosis and heat stroke caused by heat or hot weather. It can also help to keep us refreshed thus a clear and peaceful mind in hot environment.

Main Ingredients:
Honeysuckle flower, Sugar, Purified water


Oral use only, 60-120ml per time, 3 times a day. For children under 6 years, dosage can be reduced to half. Finish it within 24 hours after it is opened, it is the best way if we keep it in cool place with temperature around 4℃

Package: 340 ml per bottle