Greenlife PhoenixPill — Reproductive system repair

Phoenix Pill is a 100% herbal formula, which is good for adult’s reproductive system. It is an ancient formula for women daily supplement especially when their reproductive system is disordered caused by blood shortage, pressure, stress, malnutrition, miscarriage and production. It can nourish the blood production, supply Qi, tonify both Yin & Yang. It is good for men who suffer from blood shortage, severe physical wound, weakness and over-work.

Function & Indication:
Similar with Women Formula 2
Qi & Blood shortage, caused by large menstrual discharge.
Restore reproductive system after production or miscarriage.
Symptoms like weakness, body swelling, dizziness, sweating, low fever, menstrual disorder, whites or large discharge.
Restore the reproductive system being flourished.

Active Ingredients:
Pullus Cum Osse Nigro, Panaxginseng, Salvia root P.E, Astragalus mongholicus, Angelica sinensis, Ligusticum wallichii, and many other more than 20 kinds of herbal extracts.

Given after purchase.

Don’t take Tea during usage.

Don’t take it during pregnancy.

60g per bottle, keep in cool, dark and dry place.