Greenlife Women Formula — Sexual Weakness (Treatment)

Women Formula is a 100% herbal product based on a secret formula from China with centuries’ history. The pure natural formula will improve sexual potency, increase libido & enhance one’s energy & endurance level.

Panax Ginseng 6.4%
Cornus Officinalis 12.6%
Epimedium Grandiflorum 12.6%
Morinda Officinalis 9.6%
Cuscuta Chinensis 9.6%
Ligusticum Acutilobums Etz 12.6%
Cnidium monnien 6.4%
Lycium Barbarum L. 9.6%
Hippocampus Japonicu 4.5%
Schisandra Chinensis 9.6%
Eugenia Caryopyllat 2.5%
Gekko Gecko 4.0%

Function & Indications:
Enhance sex drive for women,
improve energy,
stamina and
restore longer and stronger sexual enjoyment.
Provide greater satisfaction to sex life.
Treatment for women in sexual weakness,
frigidity and
for those who just wish to improve their sexual performance and experience.

Administration and dosage:
For oral use only. For adults female only.
Given after purchase.
Swallow with ordinary water. 2 weeks is considered as 1 treatment course, and continuous courses are advisable.

Pregnant women, those with severe heart disease, severe hypertension and children are not advised to take it.

Specification: 48.0g per bottle

Storage: Keep in cool, dark and dry place